September 19, 2011

Chic Framed Necklace Holder.....Thrift Store Challenge

When searching through the thrift store I found this beautiful frame that needed some sprucing up. Then I came across the cork board and I knew what I wanted to do with them. All I needed to to was add a couple more supplies and I was ready to go.
Supplies: cork board..frame..spray paint...large fun push pins.

I started out cutting the cork board down to fit snugly into the frame, and then spray painted it and the frame. 

It took about two coats for the cork board and three for the frame. Once those were dry I glued the cork into the frame with E-6000 for a firm hold.

 Next we got a ruler and decided how many rows of pins we wanted and how far apart they would be spaced. 
 I found this pins at hobby lobby, I bet if you do some net searching you can find some even  cooler ones. I do suggest that you make sure that the cork board is pretty thick so that the pins don't stick out the back and this gives it more stability. 

After all the push pins are in then its just time to start add all the necklaces and hang on the wall. This will also look beautiful on a dresser propped against the wall. 

 We are updating my daughter's room and what I had made before for all her necklaces( which was a small cork board version) wasn't working anymore so I took the idea and ran with it and made her this new more "mature" one to use.


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Marilyn said...

Hi Margo, I found ya via blog hop and had to stop in and say hello, LOVE all your creativity and space here.. Excited to get to share in more blog fun reads and inspiration from ya.. I'm officially following ya.. I'm Marilyn via - hope you can stop in sometime.. TY