September 10, 2011

Fall Colors for 2011

I was so excited to see the colors that came out in the Pantone fall fashion color report. I highly suggest heading over and checking all the colors out. 

There are a lot of deep colors and one of my favorites for this season is the deep teal. What a beautiful warm and rich color my mind is just turning with things to make with this color. Then when I add the phlox, nougat, coffee liquor, and bamboo I am so in love and can't wait to start playing with these colors. 

 As most crafters know these colors don't just stay in the fashion world, the craft world also looks to these colors when getting ready for the season.  We will start to see these colors in the new decor items, scrapbook pages and even in the floral departments. 
 I will be watching to see when they start to pop up in the stores, mean while I plan on collecting several times with these colors and getting a start on my fall decorating. I hope you too want to know go and play with these colors for something new for yourself or your home. 


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Manni said...

Wow Margo, this was a great insight. I love all the fall colours, can`t wait to buy some of the sweaters they have coming out.
Oh, by the way I really like your Happy birthday Wreath. That is a very cool idea. Thanks for sharing :)
have a wonderful week :)