September 16, 2011

Movie Night Popcorn Bowl

The first week's challenge for SYTYC was to make something from the dollar store, strangely this was a lot harder then I thought it would be but I do like what I ended up with. 

When cruising the Dollar Tree  I knew what I wanted to do as soon as I saw these supplies.  Like most families now a days we are having to cut back on some of the outings that we do. One of the big ones for us is going to the movies, with a family of 4 and a price tag of $35 just to get in not to mention concessions, its just something we really can't bring ourselves to do anymore. So we have movie night at home with a movie rental from redbox, movie candy and popcorn from the dollar store which can all be done for the price of just one adult ticket.
 For our new movie popcorn bowl I used a plastic punch bowl, tickets and mod podge. I switched back and forth between the two ticket colors and put an extra layer of mod podge over them all to seal the bowl.This project only cost me $3, you can't beat that!

 Then simply add popcorn and the movie candy we are ready for movie night!!!! Now who has the remote?


Carlee Rose said...

I just loved this project when I saw it on SYTYC, one of my favs... Did you put something over the modge podge, or do you just put the popcorn right on top?


Margo said...

Thanks I had fun making this one. I put tickets on the outside of the bowl so so the inside is all clean an ready to have the popcorn in it.