October 7, 2011

What I'm working on this next week.....

I feel like lately all I ever do is start a project and then start another one before finishing. Of course this isn't true I do finish a lot of my projects. My biggest problem is that I have way to many that I want to do or need to do and I have several going on at the same time. My goal this week is to not only start my list of projects for the next week but to get them all done this week.  

My list is a long one for the coming week: 

First I have two Halloween decor items, some polish stars made out of Halloween scrapbook paper, need to be finished and hung. I started these a couple of weeks ago, and as most of you can understand, got distracted by some other projects. They are coming out really cool so far. 

Also a new wreath with theses fun supplies. Hmm doesn't look like the ribbon made it into the shot. Oh and can someone please tell me why styro foam cost so dang much!

Then there is the never ending project here at the house. Painting the living room! I just realized that I need to update on the progress of that. I have gotten another section of paneling primed so I need to get to painting it. 

One of the little boys I take care of everyday just loves to color so I want to do one of those cool melted crayon canvases for his room at home. 

Lastly I have some art I started drawing in my art journal that needs to be finished and painted. A spin on Alice in Wonderland. 

Now let's see how much I get done, my sister is coming for a visit during this time. Keep your fingers crossed for me and check back for my progress. 



Sandie said...

At least you won't be bored. lol

K said...

Hi HUn,

Please share if you finished them by now :)

love K

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